The Naked Massage

Erotic & Sensual – Guaranteed Relaxation

The most well known adult massages is the so-called body-to-body massage. Derived from ancient tantric practices and perfected to deliver the utmost erotic de-stress, this massage entails that the masseuse will be using her naked body to massage yours.

Your body-to-body massage experience will beging with a warm shower, after which your massage therapist will guide you to your room. Here, you will on your stomach, with your legs slightly apart whilst your masseuse drips scented oils on your back. Starting at the tips of your toes, her trained hands will release all tension within using delicate caresses and slow rhythmic strokes.

As the negative energy leaves your body and you start to relax, your masseuse will slide her naked body over yours, sending intoxicating erotic sensations shivering up your spine.

If included in the body-to-body massage package, the masseuse then moves on to stimulate your inner thighs as well as buttocks. Slow, gentle strokes are used to build up the pleasure in your most sensitive areas. Surrender to utter relaxation and let your masseuse guide you in this exciting sensual experience….

Please note that whilst most body-to-body massages are done in the nude – with both guest and therapist naked – it depends on the establishment and body-to-body massage package whether touching is allowed. Whilst you’re always free to admire with your eyes, please make sure that you are aware of any house rules and regulations before booking your massage.

Adult massage parlours should not be mistaken for escort agencies, brothels or strip clubs and do not offer sex – neither oral nor intercourse.